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The 3 Week Diet
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Changes for a Healthy Diet

7 Changes for a Healthy Diet (infographic)

7 Changes for a Healthy Diet (infographic)


Changes for a Healthy Diet

How I Lost Fat Fast In 3 Weeks With This Weight Loss Diet





7 Changes for a Healthy Diet

1. Eliminate Refined Sugars

Refined sugars have been linked to a higher risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and high cholesterol.



2. Reduce Your Sodium Intake

Don’t exceed 1,500 milligrams of sodium a day. Eating too much salt may cause fluid retention, high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, and kidney stones.

3. Limit Processed Foods

Processed foods are loaded with sugar, salt, and saturated fats. They have devastating effects on metabolism, causing diabetes, cancer, weight gain, and insulin resistance.

4. Eat Whole Grains

Whole rice, whole pasta, and whole grains are healthier and more nutritious than their regular counterparts. These foods keep your blood sugar levels stable and increase satiety.

5. Avoid Overeating

Many people are overweight despite eating healthy. That’s happening because they consume more food than they actually need. For a long, healthy life, avoid overeating.

6. Consume More Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They also have cancer-fighting properties and prevent aging.

7. Eat Healthy Fats

Avocado, olive oil, nuts, and seeds contain essential fatty acids that promote cardiovascular health, prevent diabetes, and support weight loss.

Healthy Eating Benefits (top of the page)

• Promotes weight loss
• Supports lean muscle growth
• Boosts immunity
• Strengths your bones
• Regulates blood pressure
• Stabilized blood sugar levels
• Prevents diseases
• Increases your energy
• Regulates hormone levels

Healthy Eating Statistics

9 out of 10 people consume too much sodium.
The average adult consumes 3,400 milligrams of sodium daily.
Polishing rice removes 75% of its chromium and zinc.
Refining sugar cane into white sugar depletes it of 93% of its chromium and 99% of its magnesium.
Sandwiches made with whole wheat bread contain 4 grams more fibre than those made with white bread.
Drinking unsweetened tea instead of carbonated drinks can save 448 teaspoons of sugar and 7,840 calories a month.
Empty calories from added sugar contribute to 40% of the daily calories for kids and teens.
Trans fat is responsible for over 30,000 premature coronary deaths per year.
The average adult consumes 175 calories a day from soft drinks.
More than 50% of the population drinks a sugar-sweetened beverage daily.
Eating five servings of fruit and vegetables a day can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke by 30%.

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